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Damon braces

Damon braces are a self-ligating fixed brace used for teeth straightening. There is the option of having metal damon fixed braces or ceramic tooth coloured damon fixed braces. Both types have the same functionality with the only difference being the visibility of the brace.

Why choose Damon braces?

  • Self ligating design
    Wires are held in place with a self ligating gate on the bracket that opens and closes. This design eliminates the traditional need for elastics and therefore tooth movement has a lower level of friction.
  • Comfort
    Damon brackets have more rounded edges that patients find comfortable with less ulceration of the lips and cheeks. The absence of elastics means that less pressure is exerted on the teeth and this in turn reduces tooth movement pain.
  • Fewer appointments
    One of the main advantages of damon braces is that they require less frequent appointments with the orthodontist compared to traditional braces
  • Efficient tooth movement
    The reduced friction in the system results in efficiency in the tooth movements achieved
  • Aesthetic option
    Damon braces can either be made of metal or a more aesthetic tooth coloured ceramic bracket

What is the cost of Damon braces?

Many people are concerned about the cost of damon braces. Damon braces are more expensive that traditional braces due to the technology involved in the bracket design.

Our experienced orthodontists at Kingston Orthodontics offer damon braces. If you prefer damon braces for your teeth straightening process, contact us at 0203 002 2501 to schedule an appointment.

Frequently asked questions

You may feel a bit of soreness of your teeth for a few days but your lips and cheeks will quickly adapt to the brace.

You will wear the braces until your teeth move to their intended position. Your orthodontist will give you an indication of the length of your treatment.

No, it isn’t. However, the general advice for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment is to use mouthguards while playing contact sports.

The dental adhesive used to hold the brackets in place on the tooth can dislodge if you eat hard, sticky or crunchy foods. You can book an appointment with your orthodontist to fix the braces.

Yes, thes same restrictions apply to all fixed brace wearers. You should avoid excessive sugar as well as certain foods like crunchy, hard or sticky food. Your orthodontist will provide instructions on the food you should avoid.

Ensure you brush your teeth twice daily, with each brushing session lasting for 2 – 3 minutes. Flossing is also necessary with Damon braces, as instructed by your orthodontist and dental hygienist.


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