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Removable retainers

This makes holding the teeth in their new straight positions important until the jawbone and gums adjust to the new position. A removable or fixed retainer can serve this purpose, ideal retention includes both a fixed and removable retainer.

Why do the teeth move after braces?

Braces hold your teeth in position during orthodontic treatment, but after their removal, the stretched elastic fibres in the gum try to pull the teeth to their previous position. This process is known as an orthodontic relapse. It takes a while for the fibres to stop pulling the teeth.

Over the years, the jaw continues growing, and the teeth become more crooked. This is part of the natural ageing process. Natural jaw growth and teeth movement still continues after braces treatment, so indefinite use of retainers is necessary.

Removable clear retainers

Removable retainers look like a thin, clear gumshield that fits over the teeth to keep them in place. They are custom-made to fit over the teeth perfectly. After your braces treatment, the orthodontist will take a scan of your teeth then fit your retainers the following week.


Your orthodontist will advise you on how often you should wear your removable retainers. You may have to wear the removable retainers at all times, except for cleaning the teeth, eating and drinking, for at least the first week.

You will have a review appointment during your retention period. Ensure you bring your retainers to these appointments. Attending these appointments is important as you will receive further reassurance that yout result has remained stable and further instructions.

If the retainer rubs your gums, you can smooth sharp edges with a nail file. If you have problems with your retainers or have damaged or lost them, contact your orthodontist immediately. Do not wait until your next appointment. Losing your retainer is an emergency, as your teeth can relapse if you do not wear your retainers.

If you fail to wear your removable retainer and your teeth relapse, you will need another teeth-straightening treatment.

Caring for your retainers

Cost of retainers

Removable retainers can be replaced but this will incur a charge, your orthodontist will discuss this with you.

Retainer treatment time

The retainer treatment regime varies for each patient. Some people may need permanent retention to keep the teeth aligned. You will discuss this with your orthodontist.

You can call Kingston Orthodontics on 0203 002 2501 for more information on removable retainers.


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