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Vivera retainers

Vivera retainers help maintain the teeth in their new position after treatment with braces. These retainers are removable and transparent, making them discreet and convenient. Vivera retainers are produced by the manufacturers of Invisalign® clear aligners, making them a perfect choice for retaining tooth positions after Invisalign treatment or traditional fixed braces treatment.

Why are retainers necessary?

If preventive measures aren't taken, the teeth are constantly under pressure and will likely move to their previous position before orthodontic treatment, this is called orthodontic relapse. Relapse can be rapid or may take place gradually over a period of time. A retainer helps the teeth to stay in their new position.

Vivera retainers are one of the retainer brands that can maintain the results of your orthodontic treatment while offering aesthetic benefits. Made from transparent material, they provide the same custom-fit comfort that Invisalign patients experience.They are also removable for eating and cleaning.

When should I wear retainers?

Retention is lifelong, often with an initial need for full time wear followed by a transition to nightly wear. Your recommended retainer wear time will depend on the initial complexity of your tooth position and bite.

Wearing your retainers shouldn't be an issue if you want to keep your teeth in place after treatment and the importance of retention and long term wear of your retainers will have been discussed with you at your initial consultation.

Benefits of Vivera retainers


Some retainers get damaged after a few months due to tooth grinding and even when you handle them carefully. Vivera retainers tend to be more durable resulting in fewer replacements over time.


Vivera retainers are at least 30% stronger and twice as durable as other clear retainer brands. Retainers must be sturdy as this is a vital factor to help hold the teeth in place and prevent relapse.


People prefer what makes them feel comfortable; Vivera retainers offer comfort and are virtually invisible.

Why are Vivera retainers special?

Vivera retainers are crafted from a medical-grade plastic that maintains its quality over time. These retainers are not only durable but also known for their aesthetic appeal and hygienic properties. With your initial purchase, you'll receive a set of three identical Vivera retainers, offering you both great value and reducing the need for replacement orders. Vivera retainers can be used to maintain the results of any orthodontic treatment, not limited to Invisalign aligners.

If you need Vivera retainers to maintain your new smile following your orthodontic treatment, call Kingston Orthodontics on 0203 002 2501.


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