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Interceptive treatment

Interceptive treatment is for young, growing children to correct issues such as protruding teeth, severely overcrowded teeth, and misaligned jaws or to correct harmful oral habits in the early years. The treatment is recommended between ages 7 – 9 and usually lasts 6 – 12 months. It usually makes later treatment less complicated.

Why is an early evaluation important?

An initial orthodontic evaluation at an early age will help identify the first signs of orthodontic issues. This evaluation should not be later than age seven. Orthodontic treatment may not be necessary at this age, but a comprehensive examination can help determine the best time for treatment. This early treatment aims to prevent or intercept more serious orthodontic problems.

Early intervention guides development and growth, preventing serious problems in the future. If orthodontic treatment isn’t necessary, the orthodontist can carefully monitor development and growth and start treatment at the right time.

Why is age seven the ideal time for screening?

The first adult teeth must have erupted by age seven, establishing the back bite. The orthodontist can evaluate side-to-side tooth relationships and front-to-back tooth relationships. For example, if the incisors are erupting, it may indicate an open bite, overbite, gummy smiles or overcrowding.

Early screening increases the chances of maintaining a beautiful smile and may simplify the treatment needed in the teenage years.

What are the benefits of interceptive treatment?

The benefits of interceptive treatment include the following.

  • Faster treatment
  • Reduce braces treatment time
  • Reduce the risk of tooth removal
  • Less teenage angst
  • Create more space for crowded, erupting teeth
  • Preserve space for teeth that haven’t erupted
  • Reduce the risk of trauma to erupting front teeth
  • Create facial symmetry by influencing the growth of the jaw

Our orthodontists at Kingston Orthodontics are experienced in providing interceptive treatment for children to prevent more serious orthodontic issues later in life. Contact us at 0203 002 2501 to schedule an appointment with our orthodontist.


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