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Invisalign First

Invisalign First is an innovative orthodontic treatment for children with growing teeth. Invisalign First may be the perfect solution if your child needs early orthodontic treatment.

What is Invisalign First?

Invisalign First is an orthodontic device that corrects the position of the growing teeth. It is exclusively for children as an alternative to braces and other removable orthodontic appliances. The Invisalign First system has special features to support dental arch expansion and creates space for adult teeth to erupt.

What orthodontic issues can Invisalign First correct?

Invisalign First can treat several orthodontic conditions, such as arch development, spacing, misalignment, crowding, crossbites and tooth malposition.

Benefits of Invisalign First

  • A perfect option for busy parents whose children need orthodontic treatment – it needs 40% fewer appointments than traditional braces
  • It allows children to have Invisalign treatment similar to teens and adults
  • The treatment involves custom and precise planning to meet a child’s dental needs
  • Creates room for incoming teeth
  • Support jawline and teeth formation
  • Treats different orthodontic issues
  • No diet restrictions or limitations on activities

However, Invisalign First may not be the best treatment for some children. Invisalign First is only effective when the child wears it, so children who don’t wear their aligners as directed may not get the planned results.

How does Invisalign First work?

Invisalign First expands and contours a child’s jawline through dental arch expansion. It gradually pushes the child’s teeth over time, increasing their dental arch’s width. The dental arch expansion procedure starts with a consultation where the orthodontist will check if your child is suitable for Invisalign First treatment.

If your child is a suitable candidate, the orthodontist will take digital scans and x-rays of the child’s smile. Information from the scans helps to make the custom Invisalign First aligners.

What can I expect from Invisalign First?

If a child between ages 6 – 10 shows signs of an orthodontic issue, the orthodontist will recommend a Phase 1 treatment. This Phase 1 treatment will use Invisalign First to create space for the adult teeth to come in and correct a misaligned jaw.

Invisalign First is important in Interceptive orthodontics to prevent further complications that may make future orthodontic treatment complex and long.

Invisalign First prepares the jaws and teeth to receive the growing adult teeth. When the adult teeth have fully grown in, Phase 2 of orthodontic treatment may be necessary. This phase of treatment is faster, simpler and less traumatic if the child has already used Invisalign First.

A proactive approach and early intervention will ensure your child has aligned bite and straighter teeth.

What is the youngest age for Invisalign?

The recommended age for Invisalign First is from age six, and is suitable for growing children. Invisalign aligners can correct different alignment problems.

Correcting orthodontic issues at a young age gives the adult teeth a better chance of coming in aligned. It also prevents crowding and spacing issues, narrow dental arches and a misaligned bite.

After Invisalign First treatment, a child will be familiar with orthodontic treatment and ready for treatment with Invisalign Teen.

Frequently asked questions

The treatment duration varies depending on several factors, such as the dental condition, how the child responds to the orthodontic device and if they wear the aligner as instructed. On average, treatment takes 4 – 6 months. Ensure your child wears the Invisalign First Aligners directly by the orthodontist for optimal results.

Invisalign First is suitable for children up to age 10. If your teenager needs treatment, Invisalign Teen may be the ideal option.

The orthodontist will inform you of the exact cost of the treatment during the initial appointment after examining the child’s teeth and bite.

If you notice signs of an orthodontic issue or your child needs early orthodontic intervention, visit Kingston Orthodontics or call 0203 002 2501 to book a consultation.


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