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An overbite is when the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth too much, a type of teeth misalignment. It can be vertical, with top teeth greatly overlapping the bottom, or horizontal, where top teeth jut out over the bottom. A slight overbite is normal, but a large one can cause lower teeth wear, jaw pain, and chewing and speaking difficulties.

What can cause an overbite?

Many factors can cause an overbite. They include:

  • Genetics
  • Over eruption of the lower front teeth
  • Loss of back molar teeth

Types of an Overbite

Two types of overbite exist. They include:

  • Dental
  • Skeletal

A dental overbite is when developmental issues occurs in a child, such as overcrowding and other factors, which result in the lower front teeth over erupting and increasing the overbite. A skeletal overbite occurs when the jaw bone develops abnormally.

What is the problem with having an overbite?

The IOTN system classifies overbite issues in children, as shown in the table below.

Type of overbite Size Cause Surgery needed? Braces needed?
Normal 2 – 4mm Usually dental-related Unlikely Possibly
Deep 4 – 8mm Skeletal or dental Unlikely Yes
Severe 9mm and above Skeletal or dental Likely Yes

Treating an overbite is necessary for several reasons, as an untreated deep overbite can cause

Early overbite correction in a child is more effective than correcting this problem in adulthood. In adults, the teeth and jawbones are fully developed, which makes repositioning them more difficult.

How to treat an overbite

A normal overbite is about 2 – 4mm, so you don’t need to worry about treatment if your top teeth slightly overlap the bottom teeth.

Your orthodontist may recommend different options to correct an overbite. The most suitable overbite treatment will depend on its cause and the severity of the case.

If you have an overbite, our experienced orthodontists at Kingston Orthodontics can examine your bite and teeth to determine if you need treatment and recommend the right treatment option. Call us today on 0203 002 2501 to schedule an appointment with our orthodontist.

Frequently asked questions

Correcting an overbite usually involves a simple procedure. Orthodontists can correct overbite with any of the following or by combining them.

  • Removable braces
  • Fixed braces
  • Jaw surgery

An overbite cannot be corrected naturally. It requires braces or surgery.

Children below 18 years may qualify for orthodontic treatmtent to correct the overbite within the NHS. The eligibility for this treatment, like other dental and orthodontic treatments, depends on the severity of the case.


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