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Retainers for children

Orthodontic treatment is the most effective option for straightening teeth. Younger people need additional support and guidance after braces are removed to ensure that they understand the importance of retention and the high risk of orthodontic relapse if retainers are not worn.

Orthodontists recommend wearing retainers after braces are removed but many parents and children want to know the purpose of retainers and if there are specific types.

What is the function of retainers for children?

Orthodontists recommend braces to straighten a child’s teeth. Depending on the patient’s age and the condition of the teeth, treatment can take anything from six months to a few years.

After removing the braces, keeping the teeth in alignment is important, as they can return to their previous position.

Children should wear retainers as prescribed by the orthodontist to ensure that the tooth movements that have been achieved are retained.

Types of retainers for children

Two types of retainers are available. They include:

  • Fixed retainers

    Fixed retainers will be worn for life to maintain the alignment of your front teeth.

  • Removable retainers

    Removable retainers will be worn at night to maintain the overall dental arch alignment.

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