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A beautiful smile is an asset. Whether you have a naturally beautiful smile or have undergone orthodontics to improve your smile, it’s important to protect it. Depending on your case and specific requirements, you may need a custom-made mouthguard to protect your teeth.

Why is a mouthguard necessary?

Your orthodontist may recommend a mouthguard for several reasons, with the most common reasons being:

Preventing dental trauma

Most people wear mouthguards during contact sports such as rugby, hockey and boxing to prevent chipped teeth and other injuries to the cheeks, gums and lips.

Tooth grinding

Tooth grinding, also called bruxism, is linked to stress, but several other contributing factors can cause the habit. Most people grind their teeth during sleep, so wearing a mouthguard can help prevent the teeth from wearing down and other injuries.

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD)

TMJ often causes dysfunction and pain in the muscles that move the jaw and aid chewing. TMJD affects about 20 – 30% of people. While TMJ dysfunction is also a symptom of other conditions and not a condition in itself, mouthguards can help alleviate the discomfort and related issues.

Fitting and care

Mouthguards are usually for only the upper teeth, but the dentist may recommend wearing the guard on the lower teeth.

Although you can buy DIY mouthguards from different suppliers, a custom-fitted mouthguard from your orthodontist gives better results because a professional will make it to meet your specific needs. The custom-made mouthguards are also more comfortable and give better protection.

A mouthguard fitting is simple and pain-free. A scan is taken of your teeth and sent to the laboratory. When the mouthguard is available, you will visit the dentist for another appointment to have the fitting.

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