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Fixed retainers

A fixed retainer, also known as permanent or bonded retainer is an orthodontic device that maintains the position of the teeth after braces treatment is complete. This retainer fitted to prevent teeth from reverting to their initial positions, countering the natural tendency of collagen fibers and bone surrounding the tooth roots to shift them back.

How does a fixed retainer work?

A fixed retainer is a dental appliance that's used to maintain the position of teeth, especially after orthodontic treatment like braces. It consists of a thin wire that is permanently bonded (attached) to the back side of the front teeth, usually the lower or upper front teeth.

Do I need removable or fixed retainers?

A fixed retainer is only for the front teeth. If you have straightened all your teeth then your back teeth will also have moved. You will need a removable retainer and the fixed one to prevent your teeth from moving.

Towards the end of your treatment, the orthodontist will inform you of your retainer options, and you can ask any questions.

How to care for a fixed retainer

Caring for a fixed retainer follows the same care method for braces. It requires brushing and flossing carefully to ensure your teeth and the wire remain clean. Ensure you visit your general dentist and visit a hygienist regularly to keep your oral health in perfect condition.

What are the advantages of fixed retainers?

  • Fixed retainers are permanently attached to the teeth, so you don’t need to take them out or in.
  • They are discreet as they are fitted behind the teeth
  • The fixed retainer doesn’t affect speaking

Feel free to consult Kingston Orthodontics for your fixed retainer. You can contact us at 0203 002 2501 or [email protected] for more information on fixed retainers or to schedule an appointment to see our experienced orthodontist.


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